Caregiver Quotes

Our goal with Caregiver Resource is to provide a space for caregivers to learn, communicate, and grow. If you’re passionate about caregiving, feel free to share with others who feel the same.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always cared for older people and people with disabilities. Caring for people has always been in my heart and is what I’ve been called to do... If someone is thinking about becoming a caregiver, they have to love what they’re doing. If you a heart for it, give it everything you’ve got because it’s gratifying.

Stephanie G.

Itʼs been my passion since my grandmother was sick. I’ve been a caregiver for 20 years.....Caregivers need to love what they do—you can’t do it for the money. You have to be yourself, be professional, honest, and truthful.

Cecilia B.

Iʼve always liked taking care of people, because I took care of my grandparents, and I thought that the most logical thing to do was to continue taking care of individuals. I love my employer because they understand the needs of people, and they are incredibly supportive.

Suzette G.

I love taking care of people. I’m from Africa, and I was raised by my grandmother because my mother had me as a teenager. My grandmother passed away in my hands, so Iʼve always had that compassion. I love taking care of the clients. It is my passion.

Aminata K.

Iʼve always had a passion for working with people, and I started working in the mental health field....I always go home feeling that I did somebody justice. I go home feeling good that I took care of somebody that’s really in need.

Martina B.

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